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Amplify your brand’s presence online & optimize how you manage your business behind the scenes, using custom-built systems for productivity.

We specialize in:

>> Notion custom digital workspaces, templates, and automated solutions that support you in managing all things business-related in one spot.

>> Brand identity mapping, positioning, messaging, & content strategy.


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Notion Consulting

Done-For-You Custom Notion Workspaces


For the business owner who is exhausted by the busy work, inefficiencies, and lack of processes, and is ready to work smarter, not harder by setting up systems to scale.

You want a custom digital space for your business, and you want it built by a professional. You don’t have time to spend trying to figure this out yourself, you’re ready to implement NOW.


Starting with an exploratory strategy session, we get to know your business model and operations so that we can understand what needs to be built, and if there are any roadblocks to sort out.

Next, we’ll put together a proposal that outlines a solution to optimize your business: recommended architecture for your Notion workspace, along with potential automated work flows to help you save time.

…And then we do a full done-for-you Notion build: a digital workspace for all aspects of your business to live.

We always provide a rough timeline estimate for creating your custom space. All Notion consulting packages also come with training videos to teach you how to use your space, as well as a video series that shows you all the Notion basics.


  • Custom Notion workspace builds
  • Strategic consulting on Notion architecture & set-up
  • Custom templates for clients, sales, planning, etc.
  • Notion clean-ups & optimization of existing workspaces
  • Websites using Notion + Super
  • Automation integrations with no/low code (such as Zapier)
  • Team training in Notion basics + how to use your custom workspace
  • Data migration & implementation into Notion space


  • Save time & your sanity!
  • Improve team collaboration & communication.
  • Develop better processes & automate the repetitive ones.
  • See the bigger picture & set more long term goals.
  • Follow through on more projects.
  • Free up more space for creativity & new ideas.
  • Create new opportunities for increased revenue.
  • Offer a higher-touch experience for your clients.

Rate: Starting at $1700 USD for single biz area builds, $3500 USD for full builds

Notion Architecture Strategic Advising


For the ambitious business owner who knows Notion is the solution they’ve been looking for, and they want to build it themselves, but they’re overwhelmed with where to even start.

You’re familiar with Notion, you’re sold on the benefits, and you’re committed to learning Notion, so you can build & manage your space yourself. But you don’t want to waste any time creating a bunch of stuff you don’t need.


We connect on for a session where we look at your business model, systems, and workflow and identify the bottlenecks. We get clear on exactly what you need to fill in the gaps and leverage Notion as a tool for growth.

Then, I provide my recommendations on how I would design and build your space, the best order to do things, and a framework for keeping things simple and maintainable.

You leave with a cohesive and detailed plan for you to implement yourself.


  • Assessment of current workflows and processes + feedback
  • Strategic advising on recommended Notion architecture & workflow
  • Trouble-shooting for any existing roadblocks
  • Q&A
  • Takeaway: Notion page from session with an outline of the notes & recommendations
  • Takeaway: Notion 101 video series

Rate: $400 USD for a 2 hour session

Brand Strategy


For the business owner who feels disconnected from the life force of their brand, their product or customer base has evolved, or they’re just simply ready to amplify their brand so they can reach new customers.


A collaborative intensive session in which we will map out your brand blueprint in Notion, together. We’ll ask the questions, you answer, and we’ll construct a dynamic digital home for your brand to live and grow, all in one place. You keep the blueprint & go implement the action plan.


  • Brand strategy session + frameworks & Notion templates to implement


  • Simplify your message & say goodbye to content & marketing paralysis.
  • Understand your audience, your unique edge & brand identity.
  • Clarify your offerings & position your brand as the expert.
  • Develop a content strategy that fits your business model and lifestyle.
  • Connect with more clients & customers you love, and who love what you have to offer.

Please note: this session does not include the creation or procurement of brand design assets such as logos, colors, and fonts.

Rate: $550 USD for a 3 hour session

For Custom Notion Builds:


For Notion Strategy Sessions:


For Brand Strategy Sessions:



Masterclass: Intuitive Content Systems Using Notion
Masterclass: Magnetic Brand Messaging

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management, and collaboration. A custom Notion space can help a business by providing a central hub for all its operations, and can eliminate the need for many additional business tools.

It allows users to quickly access documents, databases, project plans, and other data in one place (via browser, desktop app, & mobile app), streamlining the process of creating, managing, and collaborating on business projects and tasks.

Notion also offers tools like reminders, calendars, and task management to help teams stay on track with their work, as well as the ability to automate some of your work flows through an open API. Notion is also in the process of releasing its own AI technology to users, which will allow teams and creators to optimize their productivity even more.

Not only is it a great solution for managing your day to day business internally, but you can also share pages externally, allowing businesses to create an elevated user experience with clients and customers.

About Brie

Brie Pugh is a Certified Notion Consultant, Brand Strategist, & founder of Stoked Solutions. She leverages her 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing space to help her clients create more clarity & spark in their brands, and more organization & ease in how they manage their businesses internally, using Notion.


Brie has 5 years of past experience working for several media & tech start-ups to produce branded content campaigns for some of the biggest global brands & original content with viral Youtube sensations. Plus, another 5 years building her own personal brand and helping clients do the same in her online coaching business.

She offers a unique perspective & a bespoke approach to helping businesses. Part professional organizer, part producer, part coach, part magician - she’s a Virgo Queen who will help you & your team create simple solutions to grow your brand, make your day-to-day more enjoyable, and give you that 10/10 stoke level for doing the work you’re meant to do, because you have the systems to support it.

In 2021, Brie discovered Notion, and immediately found a solution for many of the organizational problems she’d been challenged with in her coaching business for years. This resulted in a major happy dance and songs of gratitude to the universe. Her obsession turned into a service, and since then, she’s helped numerous businesses to solve big efficiency problems (& the stress that comes with them), find new opportunities for revenue and brand growth, and create brand clarity around their message and content.

Brie’s experience working directly with corporate clients, agencies, influencers, and entrepreneurs gives her a wide scope on understanding how to communicate and manage projects for clients today. She’s the perfect collaborator to help you refine your business work flows and bring your brand to life.

Brie has an undergraduate B.S. in Marketing from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington. She’s received the Notion Essentials and Notion Certified Consultant badges through Notion HQ.



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